• Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal Investigations done cost effectively

    PI Services only employee and use ex-policemen with years of experience in criminal investigations. We at PI Services understand that the victim has suffered losses and our goal is to recover the losses in a cost effective manner for our clients.

    Giving you the advantage when you the victim of crime.

    Government Agencies do not always have the resources and often lack the skills to investigate complex matters. Suspects and accused's often walk away free. Victims don't recover their losses as the state focuses on the criminal matter and leave the civil matter to the victim. PI Services will assist you in the criminal and civil matter.

    We provide peace of mind.

    PI Services will ensure at all times by working closely and side by side with the authorities that their clients matters receive attention to detail. PI Services liaise with the Public Prosecutor and keep them abreast of the developments in the matter. PI Services assist the investigation officer with drafting court applications etc.

  • What is a crime?

    A crime can be described as an offence that merits community condemnation and is usually punishable by way of a fine and or imprisonment.
  • We help you achieve the best possible outcome

    PI Services trading as Soaring Investigations Consultants cc have assisted numerous clients over the last decade in finding closure with fraud, murder, white-collar crime, employee theft, bribery and corruption, etc. PI Services assist the client by Investigating the alleged offence and in gathering the evidence needed to secure a conviction.

    The evidence is presented to the South African Police Services and the client is assisted at the police station in opening and registering the police docket. PI services then continue to assist the detective in the investigation process due to the fact that the officer is investigating between 50 and 60 cases at any given time. 

    PI Services then assist the client or victim with the Civil process to recover the hard-earned cash illegally obtained by the criminal. The SAPS only focus on the criminal matter and the client needs to find and present the very same evidence "obtained by the investigation officer" for his/her civil matter.

    The evidence obtained is only made available to the attorney of the accused as "Further Particulars" in a criminal matter and is not made available to an attorney in the civil matter. PI Services keep detailed records and copies of all the evidence in order to assist the client in this process and more importantly in the event of the case docket being lost. 

    PI Services provide undercover or ghost employees to business owners who suffer losses due to employee theft. PI Services assist with the HR process and testify at internal and CCMA hearings on their findings. In many cases internal hearings are conducted by PI Services on behalf of employers. 

    PI Services have broadened their skills and now recover data deleted or erased from computers, see Cyber Fraud for more detail.

    PI Services is proud of their track record and numerous client's as referrals are available on request.

  • Frequently asked questions & answers:

    What are the questions and answers that clients typically ask and want to know during a consultation with Private Investigators about Criminal Investigations.

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  • Why and how do employees steal

    What is the impact of the crime on your business and the economy and what can be done to investigate the potential fraud, theft, stock losses etc

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  • White Collar Crime: What is white collar crime?

    White collar crime refers to financially motivated, non- violent offences usually committed by businesses (employees) and government employees.

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  • The Process in a typical Criminal Investigation

    The process can be a drawn out and timeously process due to numerous factors such as incapacity of law enforcement agencies, overloaded court roles, etc

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