• Private Investigator Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

  • a)      Why a Private Investigator?

    Private Investigators are generally ex-police detectives with years of experience. They have access to data basis, rapports, information the police do not have.

    b)     What cost can I expect?

    The cost will be based on the nature of the offence and the duration of the investigation. Cost must be discussed during the initial (fact finding) meeting.

    c)      Can a Private Investigator solve my case?

    Private Investigators can solve any case but clients must know that the Private Investigator is not a policeman and cannot make the physical arrest in most cases.

    d)     Is it cost effective to use a private investigator in a criminal investigation?

    The client must ensure the Private Investigator is properly licensed with the required statutory bodies. The private Investigator will operate and bill according to a code of ethics

    e)     Is it possible that I can recover any of my losses e.g. in a fraud case?

    A Private Investigator can assist a client in the recovery of losses (civil process) as the police only focus on the criminal process.

    f)       Will an investigation by a private investigator assist me in civil proceedings?

    Yes, the Private Investigator will have all the first-hand knowledge and documentation to assist the attorney from the outset.